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Able Aesthetics & Wellness offers the latest in holistic healing; delivering a compassionate approach in a friendly, professional environment. Able Aesthetics & Wellness’ philosophy is to help every guest experience the most thorough care in the greater Queens, NY area.

At Able Aesthetics & Wellness, we strive to offer you the most comprehensive treatment options for mind, body and spirit healing. Continuing education is one of the values here at Able Aesthetics & Wellness. We believe that thorough research and advanced training; we can offer the most effective and state of the art treatments. Wherever you are in your health journey, we at Able Aesthetics & Wellness are here to help.

The Able team understands and recognizes the unique challenges you face. To deliver extraordinary treatments, we recruit talented experts and offer comprehensive treatment plans. We focus on providing unique, personalized, and customized experiences to achieve complete body wellness.

We invite you to visit and let us focus on you.

Dr. Sepi is a doctor of physical therapy but does not practice “traditional PT.” She has spent many years in active pursuit of knowledge, studying the latest information regarding management of persistent pain, be it physical or emotional. She is a Reiki Master, has studied various forms of energy healing such as Vortex Healing, Theta Healing, studied with Rabbi Bar Ami of Rechovot, Israel and has been certified as a Practitioner by Or Emuna Healing Therapeutic Program. Dr. Sepi enjoys incorporating body work such as John Barnes Myofascial Release and CranioSacral Therapy into her sessions to maximize the body’s healing potential.

Dr. Sepi’s goal is to help empower people of all ages to achieve their purpose. Her wish is to spread peace, LOVE, and joy throughout the world through the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Sepi provides a neutral space so that you can heal all aspects of your SELF without any judgment. Dr. Sepi has experience with children, toddlers, teens as well as adults and senior citizens.

Dr. Sepi and her team have noticed that it is not enough to treat the diagnosis; often times, for proper healing to occur, the individual as well as their entire “family” need to be seen.

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Having trouble getting rid of wrinkles, sagging facial skin, or facial scarring?
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Having trouble managing your weight or are you lacking in energy? Are you anxious or depressed?
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